Preparation mode

July 18, 2007

     We’ve been in preparation mode recently around the house.  When we were expecting Eve, we spent pretty much the whole nine months preparing and thinking about the difference this would bring in our life.  This time around there have been plenty of other things on our minds, not the least of which is keeping up with Eve.  But we’re in the last month now and we’re making preparations.  Our basement now has a usable half bathroom for family when they come spend the night with us during the first weeks after the birth.  We’ve got the pack-and-play, complete with changing table facilities, set up downstairs.  We went recently to tour Bethesda North hospital where we’ll be for the delivery.  Abbie has her hospital bag packed and has been doing some extra reading about labor.  You can never be completely prepared, I guess, but we seem to have most things in order to welcome this baby into the world.    

     I’m familiar with the comment that some people make from time to time that it would be hard for them to bring a child into the world these days with the way things are around us.  I guess I’ve never shared that sentiment.  I agree that it’s asking an awful lot of a kid to hand them a world that’s bent on destroying itself through misuse of the environment and escalating violence.  That’s definitely not cool.  But there can be very few things more hopeful than creating a new life in the midst of all this and nurturing it in a way that encourages health and vitality.  We don’t have a lot of control over major world events that are shaping her life (and it is a ‘her’), but we’re preparing our small portion of the world, our home, to be a safe, caring place for her to get started.    

     As I write there are preparations being made over at the church building for teaching the kids about the Free to Breath project we are supporting with the clinic in El Salvador.  They will learn about the situation in that country and how they are connected with other children around the world that we, in our faith, have the boldness to call our brothers and sisters even though we’ve never met them.  This is another great act of hope.  This whole thing is a community effort of preparing ourselves and our children to engage the world in a compassionate, thoughtful manner.  Isaiah and John the Baptizer would be proud. “Prepare the way for the Lord.”  Offer paths of life to the next generation. 

     We’re looking forward to what this coming child, and what all these children of ours, will become. 


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