Journey groups

May 6, 2009

Two years ago CMF created the Spiritual Leadership Team (SLT).  The purpose for this was to have a group that focused on the overall spiritual health of the congregation, including issues of pastoral care and visioning, similar to a role often referred to as deacons or elders.  The Visioning part of the SLT Job Description reads: “—to pay attention to the spiritual vitality of the congregation and voice together signs of health and struggle.  – to explore potential areas of growth for the spiritual life of the congregation.  – to help the congregation live out its covenant and overall mission.”

This past year one of the topics of conversation and creative interaction within the SLT has been in regards to creating space within congregational life for there to be groups that meet together to focus on the spiritual journey.  We have spoken with churches who are already doing this, done some reading, and put out some initial invitations for CMFers who have interest to help create such groups.  We are in the process of better clarifying what these groups could look like, having decided to call them Journey Groups.  Our hope is that there can be opportunity for those who desire to gather together around a common focus, sharing and supporting one another in the spiritual journey.

The reflection time after the sermon this past Sunday highlighted for me that there is a wealth of thought, experience, and insight that we have to share with each other.  I appreciated hearing people’s thoughtful engagement with what it means to carry “the name of Jesus.”  There are, no doubt, many reflections behind all of those reflections shared from which we could learn much.

At this point, SLT is hoping that there may be interest in beginning one or two or three Journey Groups in the fall.  We’re not sure what they may look like and, frankly, not sure the best way to balance providing structure and helpful guidelines with the freedom of groups forming on their own around a shared interest.  We hope to gain more clarity and have a better description of what these groups could look like over the next several months.  Please feel free to talk with me or Judy Vander Henst with thoughts.


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