Farewell to New City

September 8, 2010

During the first twenty five years of its life, Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship rented worship space from other congregations – a Lutheran congregation in Clifton and a Methodist congregation in Walnut Hills.  After owning this building in Oakley for over a decade, we have had the chance to return hospitality and host a new church just getting off the ground in the neighborhood.  For the last year New City Presbyterian has been worshipping in our building on Sunday evenings.

This past Sunday I was present at their worship service, the last that they will be holding at CMF.  I thanked them for being good neighbors and wished them well in their new space.  They will be worshipping at John P. Parker elementary school in Madisonville which will enable them to meet in the mornings, their key reason for moving.  They mentioned gratitude for our hospitality and that they love our worship space and the way it is situated in the Oakley neighborhood.  As a parting gift I gave them a Ten Thousand Villages friendship candleholder – the Kenyan soapstone carving with people holding hands around the central candle.

They do hope to occasionally rent the building for future gatherings, but our official lease agreement with them has ended.  Thanks to all of you, especially those who have cleaned up after the CMF services, for helping make our building a welcoming place for New City.

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