Pentecost 2013

May 15, 2013

This coming Sunday is Pentecost, which is a big deal at CMF.  We honor this celebration of the birth of the church in Jerusalem in the first century by renewing our commitments to God and one another in Cincinnati in the 21st century.  In place of a sermon there will be an open mic time.  You are encouraged to read over the Covenant this week and come prepared to share short (SHORT! 30-90 seconds!) reflections on how a line from the Covenant speaks to your journey in the past year personally or with the congregation.  CMF has such a rich diversity of voices and it is a special time to hear from many of you.  If you consider CMF your faith home for the year to come you are invited to sign the covenant.  We will also share in Communion, and generally have a good time singing and welcoming Spirit’s presence among us.

How about a poem…


Pentecost 2013

Untamed flames,

Fire falls, flares

Tongues, found



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