May 23, 2013

With the church office and meeting space being over at Peace House I often go days at a time without entering the CMF sanctuary.  But I’ve been spending more time there recently – stepping in first thing in the morning half way through the commute, or stopping by at some point during the day to linger a bit.  Our Anabaptist tradition has never ascribed anything particularly holy to places of worship – sometimes preferring to call them meeting houses rather than churches or sanctuaries.  But as our time here in Cincinnati comes to a close I feel the holiness of that space.  Holy things have happened there. 

So I sit in the silence, the empty space of the vacant sanctuary, and feel the fullness of these past years.  There’s a lot in there.  Condense time and you can see all at the same moment multiple baby dedications, baptisms, communions and anointings for healing.  The same bench holds a family that moved away years ago and the young couple who has been at CMF for less than a year.  Over my head, there is music in the air.  We are marching in the light of God.  Hugs and handshakes make connections all around as the peace is passed.    All attempts at sermonizing collapse into one word: Love.  Or, Christ. 

A space is made holy by the people who fill it with their bodies and their voices.  It is holy because it’s a place where we have together met Spirit and been changed.  We will continue to be changed in the different spaces we inhabit, church sanctuary or otherwise.

I am sitting alone in the silence and am trying to hold on and let go at the same time.  It’s not easy.


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