Me and a brick wall

My name is Joel Miller and I pastor Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship, located in the Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. My wife, Abbie, and I live with our daughters Eve, Lily, and Ila on the same street as the church building and are glad to call Oakley home – you can’t beat being within walking distance of a library, park, bank, hardware store, grocery store, fair trade coffee shop/children’s bookstore, not to mention the one minute commute to work.

Some life experiences that have impacted my formation include: growing up on a farm with three other sibs in Bellefontaine, Ohio; attending Hesston College in Kansas (where Abbie and I met); living for a year in experimental intentional community with four other friends in Atlanta, Georgia; studying sociology at Eastern University in Philly; studying Middle East culture and politics for a semester in Cairo, Egypt; doing a year and a half of Mennonite Voluntary Service in St. Louis, Missouri, living in community with other volunteers and working with Habitat for Humanity and the Institute for Peace and Justice; attending seminary at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, studying Bible, theology, and ministry and becoming better rooted in the Anabaptist tradition of peacemaking and service; and having the opportunity to pastor with this bunch of wonderful Mennonites in Cincinnati; and becoming a husband and father. In my spare time I enjoy playing with our daughters, running, home improvement projects, and reading.


8 Responses to “Brief Bio”

  1. Natalie Fair-Albright Says:

    On November 26th a gathering is going to be held to show our elected leaders that immigration reform is something that many Americans want to happen this year, not sometime in the vague future. We are hoping to get some religious leaders to come and show their support for immigration reform. Would you be interested in attending? I did not have a phone number to call you. Don Sherman can be reached at (513) 324-3829 or Natalie Fair-Albright at (513) 344-0915. We hope you will be willing and able to join us.

  2. Andrew Hill Says:

    Hello- my Bluffton University friend Heidi Sommer shared your name with me and I looked up your church. I am looking for a new church home in Columbus and look forward to meeting you!
    Andrew Hill

  3. joelmiller Says:

    Yes, Naomi. Will be good to see you at the Arts Weekend. Thanks also for your sharing on Menno Neighbors. Looking forward to experiencing your artwork.

  4. Naomi Says:

    Hi Joel, I met you in Columbus and will be presenting at the Arts Weekend in February. I too lived in intentional Christian community—Reba Place Fellowship, 1972-1979. It was good times and bad times, a curious mixture but an excellent spiritual foundation for me.
    Naomi Pridjian, Lombard IL

  5. Adam Hayden Says:

    Greetings Joel! My name is Adam Hayden. I met you a few weeks ago at the pre-CCDA convention at Xavier. It was great meeting you. I had a question about Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship. I would like to e-mail you if that is okay???

  6. Joel!!
    My sister sent me a link to your post of the Mennonite video by the Bills/Normas, and I realized that this was your site! (I don’t think she had any idea that I know you.) Cool site. You can check out our blog for more info, pix, updates on us. Give Abbie a hug and a hi from me!
    In Him,
    Bethany for Ryan, too

  7. Jeff Newcomer Miller Says:


    I am working on a presentation about transitions from MVS to school/work/life etc. I would like to get some thoughts from you about the transitions you went through in life. Might you have some time to talk? You can email, or I can call .. just let me know. Hope things are well in Cincinnati.


  8. Hi Joel,

    Thanks for this great resource. I found your blog this morning by finding your sermon on having faith. What a great reminder and powerful analogy for those of us that work with MCC and sometimes don’t see the fruits of our labor very often. I intend to share your thoughts with the rest of the office. Thanks again.

    (I don’t know if you remember me from the very short time we overlapped at SSF but I hope your lovely family is doing well.)

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