Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship is currently a group of around 75 adults and 35 children. We live all over the Cincinnati metropolitan area (including Kentucky and Indiana) and come from both ethnic and non-ethnic Mennonite backgrounds. Together we work to live out the Jesus way of reconciling peace and grow in Spirited community. We welcome all who would like to worship with us — whether for a one time visit or for exploring joining the congregation. A copy of our covenant that we re-commit to each year together is at the end of this page.

Location and Meeting Time:

Our church building is located in the Oakley neighborhood at 4229 Brownway Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45209. We worship together at 10:30 on Sunday mornings with education hour for all ages beginning at 9:30am from September through the end of May. All are welcome.


We are active in the community in many ways, through ministries of our fellowship, through our partnerships with other organizations, and through our daily lives of work and family. Three of the significant ministries of our Fellowship include:

1. Ten Thousand Villages – “A nonprofit fair trade retailer of artisan-crafted items from more than 110 artisan groups in some 35 countries.” Located on Madison Road in O’Bryonville.

2. Mennonite Arts Weekend – “The biennial Mennonite Arts Weekend celebrates the contributions of Mennonite artists by bringing together artists and members of the wider church for a weekend of worship, workshops, presentations and performances. Artists and art enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged to attend.”

3. Community Meal – The second and fourth Tuesday of every month, from 5-7pm, we serve a fresh meal in our church basement that is open to all in the community. We have come to value these relationships as another way we grow in fellowship.

Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship Covenant:

Jesus Christ is Lord. We choose to follow the way of the gospel and be members of Christ’s church.

This time and this place are God’s gifts to us, and we are called to be God’s active presence to all those around us.

As a Christian community rooted in Anabaptist principles, we worship God as we:

  • Experience the power, grace and love of God;
  • Discern and share our gifts and resources
  • Prepare and equip each other to live Christ-like lives;
  • Nurture all who are present in our community;
  • Participate actively in the life of the congregation and the denomination; and
  • Reach out to others in service and invitation to faith.

As Mennonites we are committed to bringing peace, justice, reconciliation and the Good News to each other and to the world around us.


2 Responses to “Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship”

  1. Dear Pastor Miller,
    In light of your references to Rene Girard, you may be interested in the conference we are holding in May 2010 in Chicago:

    Peace to you,

    Tom Nicoll

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